Commercial Private Property

For clients that own a commercial business and have a vehicle that needs to be towed off the premises. We consult with every client before proceeding with a private property tow. Every job is different, but we can handle anything from Semi Truck & Trailer parking overnight to abandoned vehicles on jack stands. Call us today to see how we can help you and keep your property looking its best. 

Apartment Private Property

For apartment towing we require a consultation with the  manager of to determine their specific needs of our services. We will hang up signs and sticker tag any vehicles that the manager seems unfit for the property. Our goal is to correct the parking behavior and keep a clean and safe parking lot for your tenants to enjoy.

Reasons a vehicle may be towed...

  • Vehicle on jacks, flats, expired tags

  • Parked in restricted area (Handicap, blocking dumpster, fire lane)

  • No Parking Permit

  • Abandoned Vehicle

  • Parking in the Visitor parking 

  • Semi Parking (restricted)



Tel: 713-306-1816

Houston Tx
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