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Where to wait for roadside assistance

Updated: Jul 6

When your car breaks down, it's usually unexpected. On your way to work, picking up the kids from school, or maybe just after you just picked up a fresh pint of ice cream, bummer. So after you call the tow truck there is typically a wait time, here are some tips to keep you safe while you wait.

On the highway

If your car breaks down on the highway you should look for the safest place to pull off the road. Activate your flashers and be very cautious. You may have to coast to the next exit ramp if you can, or pull as far onto the shoulder as you possibly can. Now that you are as far off the highway as you can be you need to just stay put and remain in your vehicle. You may assume people are watching out for you but it's likely they don't see you and won't move over. Only exit the vehicle if it is absolutely necessary to to assess the damage, or if it is unsafe to be in it (fire). Call a wrecker service and be patient.

On the street

When you break down on the street it is likely you might be blocking a lane. As usual activate your flashers and call a tow company. If you are able to pull onto a side street or inside of a gas station that would be the best option. You might be tempted to get out and push the vehicle into a parking lot but that is extremely dangerous especially during rush hour and I never recommend it. If you are blocking a major roadway it might be worth it to call the local police department and see if a squad car is available to help direct traffic around you.

Parking lots

If you break down in a parking lot it might be your lucky day after all because this is the safest place to be. You just got a haircut, you put your keys in the ignition and it just wont start... call your towing company and get them on their way. Then you can go back inside or wait in your vehicle. There is zero chance someone could run into your vehicle with the speed limit being 10 mph! Be grateful you didn't make it to the highway.

Remember to, always wait inside your vehicle for roadside assistance.

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