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Tow Truck Units -Light DUTY

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

The tow industry is like no other. Once you get a good bite out, your always left wanting more. This is my blog where I talk all tow industry related topics. Today were going to cover two different Light duty tow units to look in to whether your looking for a tow for yourself of possibly looking to buy. Like everything else, there are many manufactures for different types of tow units. Heavy, medium or light duty depending on what your looking for theres going to be a unit better for the situation than the other. This list is going to give a break down on my top few pics of different brands & types of tow units along with their perks and/or drawbacks.

Lets get started.

Miller Industries Towing Equipment

A true leader in the Tow industry, Miller is a step ahead in everything they do.

Vulcan 812 Intruder II self loader.

If your working Private Property, Repossession or even just running consent tows this unit is God sent. Lifting rate capacity is rated at 7500 lbs. 4000 lbs extended out. Equipped with positive and negative tilt on the stinger making towing off any sort of incline or decline easy as pie. Controlled stops for your lowering the unit that automatically stop at a controlled height that are easily bypassed with a bump of the switch. Also equipped with an integrated 8000 lb winch for when you need it. I personally own a this unit and I sincerely can not say I have any complaints. This unit is a beast.

Holmes 220 Snatcher

The Holmes 220 Snatcher also sold by Miller is a slide-in unit that is very affordable and convenient if you already have the truck to put her in. Can be placed in a 3/4 ton or 1 ton truck.

Weight capacity of 3500 lbs. Ive personally owned a slide-in unit in the past and can completely recommend this unit. Very versatile in many situations. Only need would be to beef up your suspension in the case your trying to haul anything on the heavier side.


The Jerr-Dan MPL40 a bad to the bone tow unit. 8000 lb Recovery boom ready to work for any ditch job or unloading gig you may come across. Motorcycle attachments designed to fit directly on the unit for motorcycle towing. 5th wheel attachment also sold for the need. A really cool addition is the wheel retaining arms have a safety feature called lock link. In case of a hydraulic failure the arms can NOT come loose once locked in.

Jerr-Dan 6 ton aluminum XLP

If your in the market for a flatbed/transport the Jerr-Dan 6 ton aluminum XLP is an excellent choice to consider. Available with a 20 in, 21 in or 22 in aluminum flatbed deck to choose from. Rated for 12,000 lbs carrying capacity on deck and a 3500 lb wheel lift integrated on the back for a secondary car to transport. These guys are some leading masters in the tow industry. I would certainly give their site a look https://www.jerrdan.com


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