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Texas Tow-Mans Checklist

Towing is not an easy job. There are safety risks that can cost you your life but when you play by the rules and follow these steps you are one step closer to become a legit tow company. A monthly check on equipment and employees can ensure you will be prepared for what ever the work day may bring. Most of the items on this list are required for City Tag Inspection (and some counties) and should be in your truck or persons at all times.

Safety is always a number one priority and having the right equipment can potentially save a life. Be sure your drivers are always equipped with the proper clothing, safety vests, steel toe boots and gloves are a must. It's nice to have a company shirt or tag as well so that the clients know what company they work for. Vests that fit property, snug to the body and provide fluid movement and are extremley reflective are preferred. We have all been there, middle of the night on the side of the highway with car and truck flying by without a care. ALWAYS wear a saftey vest they might not see you. Cones and flares are also a must for safety protocol. If a vehicles is sticking out into the road and may interfere with usual traffic it is smart to set out some cones with reflectors just to give a cushion around the vehicle and the other cars. Some cases to use cones would be if you are changing a tire, throwing down dollies or if you are operating the lift from the outside of the truck. Be smart. Always keep a fire extinguisher at easy access, you never know when a fire could start due to possibly a bad barring or pulling the vehicle from the wrong side and burning the drive shaft. I know. I know. Unlikely. But still Possible and a requirement for all trucks. (It is also required to sate there is a fire extinguisher in the vehicle on the outside).

Safety Check List

  • Reflective Safety Vest

  • Steel Toed Boots

  • Gloves

  • Cones/ Flares/ Cation flashers

  • Fire Extinguisher

Having the proper equipment to do ANY job will help you succeed. It's important to have a flashlight, charged and ready to go when you are. Having one on the scene will make a huge different in your effectiveness to preform what needs to be done. Convenience is key. If your truck doesn't already have back up lights I highly suggest installing some it makes you job so much easier when you can see everything around the car at the flip of a switch. Having a broom, bucket and shovel are required by TDLR have in you truck, if you want to run wrecks and work with law enforcement. After an auto collision there may be glass or debris on the ground and it is your responsibility to clean it up for the officials. Having a bucket with some dollar store cat litter to throw down if oil or gasoline leaks on the ground is also strongly recommended. Fitting those items on a light duty wrecker bed can be a challenge, getting a collapsable shovel and broom may be something to look into to see space. Crowbars are also required by TDLR to have inside the truck and personally I have used it many times to help unhinge a drive shaft or pry a busted up rim off to change a tire. We all know the last one on this list. Chains, hooks and straps. Good ol' straps. It's good to have various types, sizes and binders for different jobs. Keeping a set of small two inch binder straps for strapping up drive shafts or holding down and bed cover (never fun on the highway). Chains are god for the wet season when there is mud and people getting caught up in ditches; or you get stuck yourself. And of course always strap down your load!

Equipment Check List

  • Flashlight

  • Broom + Shovel

  • 5gal Bucket

  • Crow Bar

  • Chains/ Hooks/ Straps

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