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Service's you Might not know Tow Trucks Provide

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Service's you Might not know Tow Trucks Provide

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Everyone knows that tow trucks provide towing services but what else do they do? In this blog we're going to talk about other services a towing company may provide for those times you find yourself with a little car trouble. Towing companies provide lot of types of towing; roadside assistance, private property and repossession is what they are typically known for. But there are lots of tools and tricks up a wrecker drivers sleeve.

Tire change

Flat tires are an inconvenience as well as a pain to change if you have a spare. You don't want to get dirty and greasy when you're about to head in for your shift at work and if a great way to ruin a morning. If you are on the highway it can also be a very dangerous situation and not one you should preform yourself. Calling a tow truck would be the safest option and usually for a tire change it will run about $50 to $75 dollars, the trick to getting a cheaper price is calling around and finding someone near you.

Jeff Smith Towing Using lockout kit to unlock a vehicle for a customer.
Towing Service preforming a lock out with the proper lock out kit.

Lockout Service

So you locked your keys in your car.... Lets face it everyone has done or will do this at least once in their life time so nothing to be ashamed about we've all been there. But who do we call? A locksmith? The fire department? Actually most if not all wrecker drivers will have a lockout kit with them at all times. A lockout kit is a fast, safe and non abrasive way to open up a car door. The kit has an air bag that you wedge into the seal of the door and pump it up until there is enough space to put the rod in and click the unlock button. If you call and experienced wrecker he can usually get you inside in less then two minutes.

Jeff Smith Towing offering fuel delivery in Houston Tx.

Fuel Delivery

So you thought you could make it to work with the needle on E... well now your car is putting out of fuel and you're in the middle of the road. You're friends and family are all too busy and far away to come bring you some gas and you've run out of options. It's either get out and walk to the nearest station or call a tow truck. A tow truck can deliver fuel or tow your vehicle to a gas station to be filled up with a couple calls and a quick google search "Towing near me"; you can most likely find one that is near you and for a deal; about $50. Usually if you have roadside assistance covers a fuel delivery and they dispatch someone out to your location.


This last one isn't necessarily a service they provide but more of a resource. Tow truck drivers are very knowledgeable on their local town and meet new people every day. That means that they know all the best mechanics, locksmiths, body-shops and can even refer you to another reputable towing service if they can't provide what you need. If doesn't hurt to give you tow man a call and ask for his recommendations. Especially for anything pertaining to vehicles such as a mechanic or body shop. The businesses go hand in hand and often work together so their opinion might be with checking up on.

All in all it's important to have a towing company you trust and you never know what services they can help you with. Not a lot of people are prepared for car trouble so make sure you are one to be prepared. Call Jeff Smith Towing 713-855-0525 today and find more about our services. We're more than just a tow company we're a resource.

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