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How to get Licensed to drive a tow truck in Texas

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

You call them when you break down and see them at every traffic accident. You want a piece of the action. Its not a easy life, but man it can be enjoyable.

Its like they say, once you get a piece of the pie you immediately want more. That's the tow life. But where do you start? This blog will cover on how to get licensed here in Houston Texas and how to kick off your career as a Tow

Truck Operator.

First thing's first and that would be to get licensed as a Tow Operator. Here in Texas we are regulated under TDLR. To get licensed in Texas you would need to go directly to the TDLR website and scroll under "License Types" until you find "Tow trucks, operators and VSF's" tab. From there click on the blue box that states "Online Application or Renewal of towing operator". Next click on "Towing Operator License". This next page will determine what kind of towing you plan on getting in to. Yes, there are multiple types of towing license's that can be obtained with different types of applications to be filled out.

1: Towing Operator CONSENT Tow Application: This form is to be filled out by an operator that plans on ONLY the following. Towing vehicles that call you stranded on the road, towing vehicles that were just bought by a buyer and needs to be towed and/or any vehicle that the owner gives you the consent to tow their vehicle. Only authorized consent towing.

2: Tow Operator PRIVATE PROPERTY Application: This form is to be filled out by an operator that plans on the following. The definition of private property towing is when a property owner authorizes through contract of signature to tow said vehicle off their property to a licensed VSF Storage Lot. With this application you are also authorized to tow consent vehicles with owners request. For more information on private property click here https://www.houstonquicktow.com/post/private-property-towing-signage

3: Tow Operator INCIDENT MANAGEMENT Application: This form is to be filled out by an operator that plans on the following. Incident management allows you to tow vehicles that are authorized by a police officer that is on scene of an accident or traffic violation. Not only does Incident management authorize you to tow from the scene of a crime, but also you are now allowed to run private properties along with consent tows. So personally I would recomend going with incident management considering you get clearance for all types of towing in your district.

Towing out of different regions in Texas

When towing with a Incident Management License or Private Property License things do get more complicated when towing in the City or County. When Towing in the City you need more licensing and insurance while in the county things are a tad more laid back. Check back with TDLR for more rules and regulations if your unsure.

For more info...

For more information on sign postage check out our blog Private Property Towing: Signage or contact TDLR at their site and if your in need of a tow here in Houston make sure to give our page a look https://www.houstonquicktow.com


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