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Vehicle Maintenance Before Vacation

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Everyone loves a good road trip with the family, and with summer coming to an end there is no better time than now to take a road trip! There are a lot of preparations that go into a smooth trip, but making sure your vehicle is in tip top shape should be at the top of the list. But what should you check before you hit the road? Here are some helpful tips from Jeff Smith Towing to keep you cruising to your summer destination.

Change Oil:

Typically you need to change your oil after 3-5,000 miles but it is very important to change your oil before driving a vehicle for hours at a time a long distance. Miles rack up faster than you think on a road trip, and to refrain from any mechanical issues and needing to call a towing service, it best to change the oil as well as the filter before you set off.


Fluids Check:

Making sure your fluid levels are where they should be can tell a lot of things about a vehicle's performance. Checking the engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid and brake fluids is crucial before driving a far distance. If the coolant is low be sure to add a mixture of equal parts water and antifreeze and fill to maximum line. Be sure to check for leaks, busted lines and cracks.


Brake Check:

Driving with low brake fluid, squeaky brakes or old brake pads is risky around town and taking it hundreds of miles is not a good idea. Signs you need to change the brakes are: squeaking and grinding sound, wobbling, spongy feeling when you press the brake pedal, burning smell after braking hard or driving. Check for leaking brake fluid and be sure to inspect the rotors for any rust or uneven wear.

Tire Check:


Check each and every tire for bulges in the sidewalls, uneven tread wear, cracks and signs of dry rot. Check the pressure, consult your cars manual for the correct PSI as to not over or under inmate it. Many things can affect your tire pressure like weather, leak, or tear. If you notice uneven wear it may be a sign you need to balance and rotate your wheels and a good idea to do so before leaving. Don't forget to check your spare tire as well!

Jeff Smith Towing promotes optimal safety. We encourage you to follow these tips to protect yourself and others as well as your vehicle. But even with all this preparation things happen, and roadside assistance may be needed in the future. Stranded on the road?Jeff Smith Towing provides fast and reliable service for you in the East Houston area. Not in the area? Check out our blog, 5 Tips to Gaining a dependable tow Service to find the right Wrecker Service Near you. We respond immediately and with 24/7 service we have your back, so give us a call right now at 713-855-0526.

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