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How to Unlock a Vehicle Using a Lockout Kit

What is a lockout kit?

The basic kits come with an inflatable air bag, a wedge and a long metal rod. Depending on the type of lock on the door depends on whether you will need the rod or a long Plastic Strip Tool. With these three tools you can open up any car or truck door from the outside. You can find these items online and order them for your own personal use, though it does do much good if it gets locked inside your car along with the keys.

Alight, it's time to use that lock out kit.

1. Locate the lock, if the lock is the type that you can grip and pull up then the plastic strip will work well. But if the lock is flush with the door and you can't get a grip you need to use the rod to either pull on the handle or press the unlock button. You know you can use a plastic strip tool when the lock looks like the one below.

Jeff Smith Towing unlocking vehicle demo Baytown
3 options....

Flip: You could flip the lock with the rod

Pull: You could pull the doorhandles to unlock the latch

Push: You could push the unlock button

2. Take out the air bag and decompress all the air inside, twist the little valve and press down to deflate. Depending on the vehicle you want to position the airbag about halfway up the window and begin working the bag back and forth to get it underneath the seal. I have noticed that the taller the vehicle is can really determine where the bag goes, for a car that is low the the ground you might find it easier to position the bag at the top of the window versus though the side. Once you get it in you can slide the bag in the best position to work in the slip or rod; be sure to have room for your wedge to go above or below the bag. Once it's in place you can pump up the bag a few times to create a gap.

3. Once you get a good gap you can take your wedge and carefully jam it in the crack to pry the door open a little more and give you room to work. Slide in your rod and if you need to you can remove the airbag for better maneuvering. If the kit has never been used before this may take a few try's bending and maneuvering your rod to get it where it needs to be.

4. Use the rod's little hook at the end to get behind the door handle and gently pull towards you to open the handle and release the lock. If that isn't working you can try pressing the unlock button,

The best technique is to sort of roll the tip over the button. If you are using the plastic strip method you simply slide in the strip and get the grip around the lock and pull up and to the left.

Having a lock out kit can really come in handy if you are known to lock your keys inside your vehicle often and it is a recurring mistake; but if it isn't worth the investment or time to figure out you can always call a towing service. Good luck and if you can't get it unlocked, we can help. Jeff Smith Towing in the Channelview area is available 24/7 to help you. 713-855-0526

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