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How to find a REPO

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

You've checked under every rock and every stones been turned, but you still have no idea where this repo could be. We've all been in the same situation and still have that one account that hits us hard on occasion. I remember watching reponut and googling everything I could possibly think of to help in aid of finding a repo, most the time to be left disappointed. But as an old friend once said "Where you lack the knowledge, consistency will have to fill the gap". So to all my tow brothers and sisters, here are a few tips to try in finding a repo that you otherwise could not find before.

Run A Skip

What is a skip? Pretty basic. Its typically done on a software that runs a persons name and SSN that brings up recent addresses they have lived in currently or the past.

When this doesn't work, skip family members/husbands or wives, you believe they may be staying with until you have a few addresses to work on. Not always a guarantee, but is very well worth a shot. Ive had times where Ive had to run a skip on the mother or father of the debtor to find thats exactly where they were staying. If not then knock on the door and see if you can some information out of them. Sometimes I don't even mention the repo, just ask if their still around and you might just get lucky.

Speak with family

Like I said before about skips, speak with the closest members of the family. If anyone is going to know where they are, the family absolutely will. Depending on the situation they might just go ahead and tell you just to save the hassle of dealing with a repo man. Or like I said before they don't absolutely have to know your the repo man, you could be an old friend just asking about his buddy.

Plate Locate

Coolest website to have an account with. This site is a bit of hit or miss, but worth a try for a quick search. Using LPR software, whenever a camera car passes through a parking lot it snaps a photo of all license plates it passes and is sold on plate locates site. If it's been seen then it'll give you a seldom photo of the license plate with the date it was taken (you may be able to recognize if your lucky). Or you can buy the photos for however much they charge with the exact location of where photo was taken.

Social Media

Obvious but very effective. If your debtor is any type of social media nut you've got them in the bag. Check Facebook, instagram or even twitter depending on who they are you could get lucky. Its worked countless times for me if they were always at a gym then look at the photos and try to spot something that could give off which gym they could be at and track what times of the day they post.


Depending on what state your in, considering its illegal in some states to slap a tracker on a vehicle to monitor where it goes. If you can't get to the vehicle from where it sits then a tracker is the answer. Or if its equipment your debtor is hiding, use a tracker on their work vehicle to see what site they've been going back and forth too. But like I said, may be worth checking your state laws before buying something that can get you in a legal mess.

All in all, repossession is a hard line of work that doesn't always pay off. If you've exerted to much time and effort in to an account then sometimes you have to let it go. If you are looking to become a wrecker driver and don't know where to start check out our blog How to get licensed to drive a tow truck in Texas Otherwise kick ass and take names and if you need a tow give my website a look.


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