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"Careers On Wheels"

Todays blog is more of an appreciation post to Dr. Antonio Banuelos Elementary School and Miss M for inviting a few members of our crew to be a part of their Careers On Wheels Day 2019. We were greeted with smiles from friendly staff members that really cared about their students as well as made us feel so welcome. The members of our tow team love to get involved with the community and this was the perfect way to interact and educate the children about what we do as well as how important our work can be.

Thank You Plaque from Dr. Antonio Banuelos Elementary for attending Careers on Wheels.

The children all had smiles on their faces as we demonstrated a few skills and safety precautions you need to be a wrecker driver. Dressed in reflective gear we were ready to tow. We brought a Dodge 4500, light duty and a Peterbilt Heavy Duty for demonstrations on how the hydraulics make the boom do what you want it to do. We had towed a personal vehicle to "load up" and demonstrate how a Vulcan loader is controlled in the cab by a remote control and the claws fold around the tires and the vehicle is raised into the air with a sequence of button pushing. The kids "oohed and awed", especially the boys, over the power of the lift. We showed how the light bar is connected through bluetooth, attached magnetically and its purpose to alert drivers behind us if we are braking or turning. Safety is always a number one concern.

Kid asking question about tow truck operation at careers on wheels in Baytown

There were some things the staff was surprised about as well, for instance a few didn't realize wrecker drivers provided lock out services. So of course we did some demonstrating. Using a handy dandy lockout kit we locked and unlocked our demo vehicle over a dozen times that day.

As we brought the kids over to the Heavy Duty Tow truck their eyes widened and their excited bubbled. This was clearly a highlight of their day. Explaining the controls and how the big boom works they listened attentively and really showed interest. We explained how the Heavy wrecker is used for all types of jobs big and small. It can be used to flip big truck upright, pick up tractors and various heavy equipment, pulling trucks out of ditches (we even flipped a boat one time) and of course it's used for towing heavier vehicles.

Heavy Duty Tow Truck on Careers on Wheels day Baytown

Question, "How many pounds do you think the heavy tow truck can lift?"

Children, "100! 65! 1,000!"

"The correct answer is about 100,000 pounds."

"No WAY! Ahhh! That's so many Pounds!"

If you can't tell we all had a lot of fun.

The parking lot was full of dedicated work forces such as, The Baytown Public Works, the Fire Department, Royal Carriages limo Service, even a mobile gaming station called Game-On. We would like to give a big THANK YOU to them as well for taking the time out of their busy day to show the variety of job opportunities for our young minds. Jeff Smith Towing is grateful for the community and serves you with pride. Call us today at 713-855-0526 or visit our website www.houstonquicktow.com

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