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5 Tips to gaining a dependable Tow Service

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

You got a flat tire on the side of the highway and realize you have no spare, what do you do? Call a towing service. Lets face it, needing to get your car or truck towed is always a pain, but it could be a little easier in picking the right wrecker service with 5 simple tips.

Step 1: Pull out your handy dandy cell phone and do some google searching, "Towing near me" this part is easy. There will be a list of companies for you to sort through. Picking the right company in the right area is very important in ensuring the fastest service.

Real people, real reviews.

Step 2: Do a little digging. Compare the stars, the reviews, and comments of each google ad. Reviews are a very creditable representation of the company, were most of their clients satisfied? If yes, thats a good sign. But don't stop there open up their websites, they should be easy to navigate, look professional and put together with photos of their company or their drivers.

Step 3: Call a few that meet your criteria to price compare and to feel out the company. Be readily prepared with the address of your location and destination as well as the type of vehicle you have and specify if you are on the highway or in a parking lot and if you are with anyone or alone. New to the area? If you have a smart phone you can drop a pin or share your location with them. How did they answer the phone? Was is a professional and and friendly conversation? Did they seem knowledgable and experienced. A lot of drivers out there can be unpleasant and rude, when you and your vehicles will be in their care, it pays off to be smart about who you chose.

Step 4: Know what you need. Most towing jobs can be done with a wheel lift truck, Yes even your AWD Audi with low profile tires! If you feel you require a flat bed tow truck you can always request one but a lot of companies either don't have them or charge 15% more for the tow. Unless your vehicle is wrecked a wheel lift can do any job with an experienced wrecker behind the wheel. If you are stuck in a ditch or not sure if your vehicle requires a flat bed send the driver a photo of the situation so they can get a good idea of what type of equipment to bring. Never confirm two wreckers to come at the same time, just be honest and communicate with them. Trust me they will appreciate it a lot more then arriving to the scene and not getting the job.

Step 5: Okay so you found your company, great website, great deal, great service they finish the job. SAVE THEIR INFORMATION. Use them every time you need a tow, tire change, jump start, tell you buddies about them leave them a review! They will appreciate it and put you before their other clients every time. If you create a friendly relationship with them, they want to help and they will be dependable.


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