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Jeff Smith Towing is not your average towing company, we have a variety of services in addition to typical road side assistance and point A to point B calls. We specialize in responsible repossession and it is our priority to keep your collateral safe and secure. We have numerous private property  accounts throughout the city of Houston and continue to gain properties consistently growing our clientele. With the newest software and top of the line heavy, medium and light duty trucks we can provide a variety of services. Our team of towing professionals have years of experience and extensive knowledge on the rules and regulations the state of Texas requires so you can trust Jeff Smith Towing with all of your towing needs.

Voluntary Repossession 

This service is the easiest way of going about a repossession. It means the owner of the vehicle is surrendering it back to the lien holder or bank. The bank contacts a recovery company and arrangements are made to pick up the unit. Then it is brought to the storage facility to be determined the next step of collection.

Storage Facility

Storage of each unit will be brought back to our yard and locked behind TDLR State gate regulations. There is always a team member on duty and in the office 24 hours a day. Our 2 acre base is designed to store all types of units from semi trucks tractors and trailers to luxury vehicles and compact cars. You can feel safe knowing your collateral is in good hands. We offer free storage for the first 14 days beyond the 14 days there will a fee for every day of storage.

Skip Tracing

A lot of the time with a repossession the debtors are no where to be found. The previous address is no longer valid and the vehicle is missing. Running a skip can assist our team in finding the collateral location  and returning it back to the bank.

Key Cutting Service

Our licensed and insured locksmith has the top of the line key programming and key cutting technology for just about any American car and truck. If you need a spare, electronic key fob, or laser key cut to one of your recovered vehicles let us know and our Locksmith specialist can get you taken care of. 

Involuntary Repossession

This is the most difficult and the most common type of repossession our team comes across in the field. When the debtors can't work things out with the bank or lien holder, they contact us to locate, document, and retrieve the vehicle. A lot of times it will be hidden and we will need to gather details on the debtor to give us leads. This type of service is unique to each client.

Photo Inspection

After a repossession our TDLR certified drivers call in the vehicle to the police department, snap photos of the vehicle and document any damage they see so our clients know the condition of their collateral. This is called a condition report, a place where all the information on the vehicle can be passed onto the client. It will contain 3-5 photos and debrief the recovery of the vehicle. 


Private Property Towing Services

Roadside Assistance Towing

Repossession Services

For clients that own a commercial business or private property and have a vehicle that needs to be towed off premises. Illegally parked vehicles are our speciality and we work with nothing but professionalism. Call today to solve your parking lot problems.

Breaking down can be stressful and even scary, Jeff Smith Towing provides fast and experiences service to make the hassle of towing a vehicle a little easier. Call us for a quote whether you are broke down or just need a tow.

Repossession Specialist 24/7

Need a vehicle found? With the most advanced technology there is to offer in this market, we have it. Repossession may seem risky and dangerous, but we take the upmost care while performing a repossession. Call today for Houstons top notch collateral collection agency. 

24/7 Towing Service

No matter the time of day never hesitate to call. We are 24/7 ready and prepared to help serve you. Call today and we'll dispatch a unit. Coverage all along the Houston city limits we can help you if you are broken down and need a "tow truck near me".

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Crosby Towing

Pasadena Towing 


Baytown Towing

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